Calleija for
Aston Martin – a
Fusion of Elegance
And Beauty

Calleija’s association with
Aston Martin has inspired a
breathtaking collection of
limited edition jewellery

The Astar Cut For
Aston Martin by John
Calleija –

Inspired by the iconic shape of
the Aston Martin grille, this
unique and completely new
gemstone cut features through
out the Calleija for Aston Martin
collection; each one hand
facetted and as special as the
cars themselves

Calleija For
Aston Martin –
Celestia Collection

Astar cut morganite and white
diamond collection that has been
uniquely created by Calleija for
Aston Martin and limited to
77 pieces worldwide

Calleija For
Aston Martin – A
Shared Vision

The relationship between
Calleija and Aston Martin is
built on design without
compromise that
harnesseses beauty and
innovation in the
rarest form

Calleija For
Aston Martin –
Aria Collection

A collection that
consolidates a shared passion
for the finest quality and
craftsmanship; the Aria
necklace features an astar cut
morganite and rare argyle
pink diamonds on a white
diamond necklace