Calleija & Aston Martin

At Calleija we are very proud to say that we have joined forces with Aston Martin to produce a distinguished and elegant fine jewellery collection.

The association consolidates a shared passion for the finest quality and craftsmanship which was inspired by Aston Martin’s Supercar, the One ‐ 77. This inspiration lead to John Calleija designing a breathtaking collection of limited edition jewellery in which each design will only be made into 77 pieces. These numbers are no coincidence; John was certainly inspired by the Aston Martin One ­‐ 77 throughout the rigorous design process.

“I am thrilled to announce the partnership with Aston Martin, which was initially inspired by the One ­‐ 77,” says John. “This vehicle uniquely combines engineering flair with the finest craftsmanship and is a spectacular fusion of high technology and time honoured tradition,” says John. “Calleija’s true passion is bespoke, handmade and individually created works of jewellery with the finest design and dedication to detail, that’s the very essence of our association.”

Each of the 77 pieces in the collection has been hand designed by John himself under the guidance of Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman and reflects John’s immense expertise and passion for precision. Featured within the collection is a new cut of gemstone titled ASTAR, an exceptional cut and design created by John that has proven an innovation in the jewellery industry.  

A Bespoke drawing of the Calleija for Aston Martin CollectionA Bespoke drawing of one of the creations in the Calleija for Aston Martin Collection

The achievement of the ASTAR gem cut was from the creative mind of John, where he spent four years perfecting with the expertise and guidance of a virtuoso gemstone cutter. The distinctive design is exclusive to Calleija and is a unique cut inspired by the contours of the iconic Aston Martin grille, which are repeated in the outline of the stone to create a technical masterpiece. This unique gemstone cut features though out the collection­ ‐ each one hand crafted and as special and unique as the cars themselves. ASTAR is one of Calleija’s most striking triumphs of craftsmanship and design which brings elegant and superlative designs to the luxury portfolio of product created in celebration of the One­ ‐ 77 Supercar, the pinnacle of Aston Martin design and innovation.

John Calleija credits the partnership and unification with his deep­‐seated love for the Aston Martin brand. As a longtime fan of the famed cars, John enthusiastically attended an Aston Martin dealership opening in Australia. The launch event just happened to be graced by the presence of none other than Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez and the pair of Aston fanatics were soon conversing about their respective businesses. It became apparent that Dr. Bez and Mr. Calleija shared more than just good taste in cars; they in fact shared a passion for the finest quality and craftsmanship, both qualities of which are the markers of their respective companies.

Calleija’s creations are hand designed. Each piece has a unique character and is crafted from start to finish. Every single piece can be custom designed to your specifications including gem stone choice, metal selection and complementing diamonds. It is a remarkable journey and the Calleija for Aston Martin Collection is the result of a shared vision for design without compromise.  

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