John Calleija -- artistic in youth

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Kirsten McMillan, for her question to John Calleija:

"As a youngster, what was your favourite thing to do when you got home from school?"

JC:  I have such fond memories of my childhood, but particularly after school. If I wasn’t watching Gilligans Island or The Partridge Family on TV, with Kraft cream cheese toast and a glass of milk, I was drawing. Drawing anything. We had no i-Pads in the 1970s, however I always seemed to have pen and paper at the ready. One night, at the age of seven, my mother even caught me with a torch, drawing a car on my bedsheets! I always kept my mind occupied, and still to this day draw something new every day. My daughter has similar qualities -- after school she loves to dance, draw and paint. I encourage her, and her schoolfriends, to be creative (no drawing on the bedsheets of course!) but singing, playing, music, storytelling -- all of these feature prominently in the Calleija household.