A delicate union

We love diamonds, and we know our clients do too. As the years go on, it's important to continue caring for your jewels to avoid damage and ensure their value is maintained. We often see clients wearing rings too large for their slender fingers to enable the ring to fit over an injured or arthritic knuckle. A ring that is too large for the finger can swing around causing damage. On the other extreme, many ladies (and men) discontinue wearing their rings completely, because they simply can't fit them over the joint.

Says John Calleija, "A hinged shank is the ideal solution -- it allows the ring to open easily, and closes to the exact diameter of the preferred finger. I can design any ring to fit any finger by this means. The rings pictured took approximately 80 hours to create, due to the meticulous nature of the hinges. The hinges follow the curvature of the shanks and sits flush against the rim, barely visible to the naked eye. I urge anyone who wishes to continue wearing their jewellery for years to come to consider a hinged shank creation by Calleija".

Enjoy your jewels for many more years to come. Call Calleija to make an appointment for your own bespoke design. Feel free to "Share" this story if you have a friend who could benefit from such a setting.