Calleija's dream designs

From imagination to reality, every Calleija creation is meticulously sketched and handcrafted to showcase the ultimate brilliance and perfection of every jewel

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Katie Scott, for her question to John Calleija:

"If you could create your dream design, what would it be and which type of gems would you use?"

JC: "When I see a diamond or coloured gemstone, I immediately visualise how it might look as a Calleija creation. The vast majority of my designs start with the gem first and the other stones that are available. As such, it makes this question almost unanswerable, as I rarely start out to create the ‘grandest dream design’.  I usually put pen to paper and let my creative spirit flow – it always takes me exactly where it should be in that moment. It’s this creative spirit that leads me to design every new piece, with trust and faith that the outcome will be distinctly Calleija". 

Currently in the design stages is Calleija's 30th Anniversary Collection. Destined to be glamorous and opulent, the Anniversary Collection features captivating new rings, bracelets and earrings based on spectacular John Calleija sketches. Soon to be released to the public, the Anniversary Collection will set a new standard in Calleija craftsmanship, culminating in several exhibitions across the globe.