A Cut Above

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Talya Jane Goding, for her question to John Calleija:

"What is your favourite cut of diamond?"

JC: When we talk about ‘cut’ in the jewellery industry, we’re really talking about many intricate elements of diamond craftsmanship – facetting, cleaving, crystallisation and polishing, all of which determine the potential of a diamond’s radiance. I am a fan of all beautifully cut diamonds, regardless of colour or clarity. Many people I’ve met over the years have a passion for Emerald, Pear, Radiant and Cushion cuts  -- several others I could add here, it is such a personal preference -- but ultimately the quality of a diamond depends on how well it has been cut and crafted. This is what drove me to create my own custom cut of diamond, the Glacier® Diamond. I took the most beautiful aspects of all traditional cushion cuts and crafted them into one amazing jewel – the Glacier. Glacier Diamonds emulate my passion for bespoke, handcrafted, iconic design and I adore the scintillation, vibrancy and brilliance that radiates from within these incredible jewels. In the past, I have cut mostly White Glacier Diamonds, yet have just recently acquired Champagne and Cognac Glacier Diamonds, destined to become the centerpieces in several Calleija rings. Overall, my life is engrossed by amazing jewels, but to answer Talya's question, my absolute favourite is the Glacier.