What is a Select Atelier

Since its inception in 1979, the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, owned by Rio Tinto, has continued its pursuit of light and colour, in the form of the Pink Diamond. Facetted then crafted into magnificent creations, the Pink Diamond holds a mystery of beauty, and a promise of happiness. These exquisite jewels are entrusted to only thirty of the world's finest jewellers known as Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers. But what is it about these jewellers that sets them apart as experts in their field, chosen by Argyle as the only authorised craftsmen under license to grade, value and showcase Pink Diamonds?

These special jewellers are renowned for their attributes of quality, integrity, creativity and superlative craftsmanship. When judging a jeweller on his or her ability to be named a Pink Diamond Select Atelier, Argyle look for jewellers who create spectacular Pink Diamond jewellery to the highest standard; those who share a passion for perfection, for creating, conjuring and composing exceptional designs, from the classic to the contemporary. The jewellers chosen to become Pink Diamond Select Ateliers have shown that their love and expertise of Argyle Pink Diamonds extends well beyond the mere understanding of a colour chart. Select Ateliers have the ability to pinpoint key features within Pink Diamonds that many might not see with the naked eye. John Calleija is proud to have been a pioneer in the Pink Diamond field, named an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier for the last two decades. Feel free to contact Calleija for any question you may have regarding investing in loose Pink Diamonds, or the creation of a special piece of jewellery for your beloved. These incredibly valuable gemstones are becoming rarer every day, with the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine due to be exhausted within the next six years. Now is the time to acquire one of these beautiful treasures from Mother Nature.