At Calleija, we're often asked, "What is the main difference between an existing design and a bespoke creation?"

John Calleija says, "A personal, bespoke design really is just that -- a personal story, made from elements of the owner, a reflection of them and their jewellery personality. A bespoke design takes into consideration the shapes and colours the owner prefers, with the ultimate aim to pour energy and life into the piece to ensure the gemstones are shown in their best light."

John continues, "It's in the way we set the gemstones, the side details, the top view and everything surrounding the final design. Of particular importance is your gemstone and your personality  — bringing both together in a marriage that lasts a lifetime. But the success of the overall result comes from the enormous amount of time, energy and care that goes into planning your beloved piece of jewellery."

Each element that passes through the Calleija workshop is testament to the supreme dedication, passion and care that becomes a joy for the fortunate receiver. “Bespoke, handmade and individually created with dedication - that’s our passion. In my mind handmade jewellery creations that personalise and reflect your individual style are always treasured for generations to come. It's tangible and intangible - you can feel it, you can touch it, and sometimes it’s hard to explain -- you just know it.”