Diamond Decisions

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Jessica Putland, for her question to John Calleija:

"What do you personally feel is the most important part of purchasing a diamond?"

JC: I am often asked this question, so it’s important to be able to share with you today, as I know it is foremost in people’s minds when they are considering a diamond purchase for investment or to wear. For me, by far the most important part of purchasing a diamond is to see it in person. Does the shape suit you and your style? Do you like the colour and design? Do you feel a personal connection to it? Perhaps you've seen a beautiful diamond in the window -- I strongly recommend trying it on to see how it feels. Is the piece beautifully made and of the finest quality? If you feel a connection to the diamond, then you know it is special. My second recommendation is to buy your diamond jewellery from someone you trust. When choosing a jewel of any kind, select a well-established jeweller who is passionate about sourcing the finest of gems, one who is authorised to be a true diamond expert. Their designs and unique craftsmanship will also ensure that your heirloom treasure is of the highest quality, and bound to increase in value over time. I could talk about cut, clarity and carat, which are also important but ultimately, all diamonds are different in colour, shape and design, and it’s these individual qualities that make it even more important to see the gem up close. If it exhibits something special, that breathtaking beauty and opulence, it tells you that the diamond is your own personal masterpiece, destined to be yours.