Argyle Limited Edition 'Kimberley Sunset' Coin

For more than a billion years, Argyle Pink Diamonds were hidden kilometres beneath the Earth’s surface. First sighted glinting in an anthill in Western Australia in the mid 1980s, the discovery was just a hint of the treasure waiting to be unearthed from what was to become the Argyle Diamond Mine -- creators of the renowned Pink Diamond Ingot and Pink Diamond Plume Pendant.

Following the success of 2014's Ingot and Plume creations, the Argyle Diamond Mine have just released the first ever legal tender coin to feature an Australian Argyle Pink Diamond. With only 500 worldwide, these Limited Edition "Kimberley Sunset" coins pay homage to the birthplace of Argyle Pink Diamonds. The reverse of the coin depicts rays of sunlight as they stretch across the East Kimberley region at sunset, casting last light over the unique landscape of iconic boab trees. The coin's face depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination of 500 dollars.

Cast in 22ct Rose Gold at the Perth Mint, each coin features a hand-set Argyle Pink Diamond -- a shining light depicting the sun, all set in high relief. Issued as Australian legal tender, a status granted by the nation's Federal Treasury, the coins are available from March 2015, retail for A$8880 (GST inclusive) and are only available from Australian Argyle Select  Ateliers. Calleija Jewellers are proud to be one of only 30 Argyle Select Ateliers worldwide. Please contact Calleija to secure one of these very rare creations:

Coin details

  • 22 carat Rose Gold
  • Only 500 worldwide, specially minted by The Perth Mint
  • Hand set with one Argyle pink diamond, approx total weight 0.04ct
  • Each coin is individually numbered 001-500
  • Diameter: 36.60mm  Weight: 67.88gm (2oz being Fine Gold)

While every effort has been made to achieve consistency, slight variations in the Rose Gold colour and Pink Diamond content should be expected due to the handcrafted nature of each coin.


  • Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Beautifully presented in an Argyle Pink Diamond and Perth Mint branded box with exterior matching shipper

RRP  A$8880 (GST inclusive)

What is a Select Atelier

Since its inception in 1979, the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine, owned by Rio Tinto, has continued its pursuit of light and colour, in the form of the Pink Diamond. Facetted then crafted into magnificent creations, the Pink Diamond holds a mystery of beauty, and a promise of happiness. These exquisite jewels are entrusted to only thirty of the world's finest jewellers known as Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers. But what is it about these jewellers that sets them apart as experts in their field, chosen by Argyle as the only authorised craftsmen under license to grade, value and showcase Pink Diamonds?

These special jewellers are renowned for their attributes of quality, integrity, creativity and superlative craftsmanship. When judging a jeweller on his or her ability to be named a Pink Diamond Select Atelier, Argyle look for jewellers who create spectacular Pink Diamond jewellery to the highest standard; those who share a passion for perfection, for creating, conjuring and composing exceptional designs, from the classic to the contemporary. The jewellers chosen to become Pink Diamond Select Ateliers have shown that their love and expertise of Argyle Pink Diamonds extends well beyond the mere understanding of a colour chart. Select Ateliers have the ability to pinpoint key features within Pink Diamonds that many might not see with the naked eye. John Calleija is proud to have been a pioneer in the Pink Diamond field, named an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier for the last two decades. Feel free to contact Calleija for any question you may have regarding investing in loose Pink Diamonds, or the creation of a special piece of jewellery for your beloved. These incredibly valuable gemstones are becoming rarer every day, with the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine due to be exhausted within the next six years. Now is the time to acquire one of these beautiful treasures from Mother Nature.


Diamond Decisions

Thank you to our Facebook friend, Jessica Putland, for her question to John Calleija:

"What do you personally feel is the most important part of purchasing a diamond?"

JC: I am often asked this question, so it’s important to be able to share with you today, as I know it is foremost in people’s minds when they are considering a diamond purchase for investment or to wear. For me, by far the most important part of purchasing a diamond is to see it in person. Does the shape suit you and your style? Do you like the colour and design? Do you feel a personal connection to it? Perhaps you've seen a beautiful diamond in the window -- I strongly recommend trying it on to see how it feels. Is the piece beautifully made and of the finest quality? If you feel a connection to the diamond, then you know it is special. My second recommendation is to buy your diamond jewellery from someone you trust. When choosing a jewel of any kind, select a well-established jeweller who is passionate about sourcing the finest of gems, one who is authorised to be a true diamond expert. Their designs and unique craftsmanship will also ensure that your heirloom treasure is of the highest quality, and bound to increase in value over time. I could talk about cut, clarity and carat, which are also important but ultimately, all diamonds are different in colour, shape and design, and it’s these individual qualities that make it even more important to see the gem up close. If it exhibits something special, that breathtaking beauty and opulence, it tells you that the diamond is your own personal masterpiece, destined to be yours.

Royal Zara Phillips wears Calleija

Magic Millions Racing Women Ambassador, Zara Phillips, will be wearing an exclusive selection of bespoke Calleija jewellery at the upcoming Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival. Ms. Phillips MBE recently won an Olympic silver medal in Equestrian at the London 2012 Games and is a former European and World equestrian champion.

The bespoke jewellery, known as "Elegante", is a Suite created especially for Ms. Phillips, capturing the splendour and energy of this international racing event, held annually on the Gold Coast, Australia. Using Lemon and Green Quartz with touches of equine influences, John Calleija created jewels that ignite beauty and strength and are worthy of a day at the races.

Read more about the event

Pink Diamond Q & A

Find out all the information you have always wanted to know about Argyle Pink Diamonds - the rarest and most coveted diamonds in the world. John Calleija sits down for a chat about his one of his great passions and by far one of his favorite topics - Pink Diamonds. 

Q. How does an Argyle Pink compare as an investment against other Pink Diamonds?

A. (John Calleija) All Pink Diamonds are a good investment however Argyle produces around 90% of the world's pink diamond supply so they have a great International brand presence. They are also from a certifiable source with intense and vibrant colours that are not usual in other mines. Knowing the origin of your Pink Diamond source is an important factor to ensure its quality, beauty and rarity. By purchasing Argyle you can be assured that their diamonds have never been used to fund conflict, and that all companies involved in its production chain employ fair trade practices and meet and even exceed international environmental standards.

Q. What sort of return on Investment have pink diamonds shown to date? What is expected from them in the next 5- 10 years?

A. (John Calleija) Argyle Pink Diamonds have been producing anywhere from 10 - 30% return on investment depending on their size, however this will significantly increase quite dramatically over the next 10 years when the mine has depleted their resources - it is then when we can expect that prices will skyrocket. Pink Diamonds were probably the only investment that was not affected by the Global Financial Crisis.

Q. If purchased as an investment how does one who isn't in the trade realise a profit? 

A. (John Calleija) International Auctions are a great avenue to realise a profit and they are also a helpful indicator of current market prices. Every Argyle Pink Diamond Tender takes place annually so your diamond can also be re-assessed for valuation and sometimes offered up for resale at the original place of purchase. 

Q. How do they perform against other equity indices? 

A. (John Calleija) Tender prices for Argyle Pink Diamonds have consistently outperformed some of the major equity indices including the S & P 500, Hang Seng and the Dow Jones Total Industrial.

Q. Why are Pink Diamonds so valuable?

A. (John Calleija) Very simply for two reasons - Rarity & Beauty! Argyle Diamonds command extremely high prices because of every 20 million carats of rough diamonds that are produced annually, less than 0.1% are Pink Diamonds. A whole year's worth of Pink Diamond production over the half a carat size would fit into the palm of your hand so with every year that passes this production slowly decreases and they become even more precious. 

Q. What is the most expensive diamond ever sold from Argyle?

A. (John Calleija) To be honest I don't know about Argyle, however in 2009 Calleija sold an exceptional 1.74 carat Red Diamond and the price tag was upwards of $4.5 million Australian dollars. Also in October 2009 in the US a collector paid US $10,776,660 for a five carat Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond which set two world auction record prices; one for the price per carat of the Diamond at US $2.1 million and secondly for a Pink Diamond of that size.  

Q. How long does it take to polish an Argyle Tender Diamond?

A. (John Calleija) An average Argyle Tender Diamond would take approximately a month from marking the cut to the final polish - however sometimes this process can be a lot longer.

Q. What is the exact scale of the Argyle mine pit currently? 

A. (John Calleija) The old open cut mine is around 2 km long and 1 km wide and covers an area of almost 300 hectares however the new underground block caving section of the mine is not yet completed but will require more than 40 kilometers of tunnelling and be 250 meters underground. This area is expected to be fully operational in 2013 and the project should extend the life of the mine hopefully to 2019. 

See Argyle Pink Diamonds website for more information