April 2012

Calleija for Aston Martin

Calleija partners with worldwide brand Aston Martin for a jewel collection that embodies beauty without compromise.

Calleija, the International award winning Australian jeweller has joined forces with Aston Martin to produce a distinguished and elegant fine jewellery collection. The partnership consolidates a shared passion for the finest quality and craftsmanship. Mr. Calleija was inspired by Aston Martin’s Supercar, the One - 77, which has led to Calleija being selected to design this latest high-luxury offering in which each design is limited to only 77 pieces. The project embodies six years of design and creative development in the making and the ‘Calleija for Aston Martin Collection’ features a new cut of gemstone titled the ASTAR, an exceptional cut and design that has proven an innovation in the jewellery industry.

The ASTAR is a unique cut of gemstone which draws on the design ethos and originality used to create our One - 77 super car. "This is the pinnacle of our range and I know the ASTAR will become a sought after gem and take a place of great importance in the Calleija for Aston Martin range.” — Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO, Aston Martin

The concept of the ASTAR gem cut was the creative conception of John Calleija which he perfected with the expertise and guidance of a virtuoso gemstone cutter. The distinctive design is exclusive to Calleija and is a unique cut inspired by the contours of the iconic Aston Martin grille, which are repeated in the outline of the stone to create a technical masterpiece.

The ASTAR is one of Calleija’s most striking triumphs of craftsmanship and design which brings elegant and superlative designs to the luxury portfolio of product created in celebration of the One - 77, the pinnacle of Aston Martin design and innovation.

Calleija will unveil the exquisite jewellery collection at an exclusive event held at The Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast, Australia in April and the new Aston Martin showrooms in Mayfair, London in May 2012. The event will also feature a stunning selection of the latest Aston Martin vehicles. “I am thrilled to announce the partnership with Aston Martin which was initially inspired by the One‑77. This vehicle uniquely combines engineering flair with the finest craftsmanship and is a spectacular fusion of high-technology and time-honoured tradition.” said designer John Calleija. “Calleija’s true passion is about bespoke, handmade and individually created works of jewellery with the finest design and dedication to detail, that’s the very essence of our association.” Calleija’s designs are hand designed and each design has a unique character and is crafted from start to finish. It is a remarkable journey from creation to execution with immense expertise and intense passion for precision and excellence.

“I wanted to find a partner that would really embrace the values of Aston Martin and develop a product that would be the pinnacle of the range. There is no obvious external branding to our joint collaboration, they haven’t just taken our logo and added it to their range, there is integrity to our relationship. In art you want to know there is a history or story behind the piece that is created, so this is the principal used in the pieces produced.” — Dr. Ulrich Bez, CEO, Aston Martin. Calleija’s exclusive appeal is apparent in their appreciation of traditional methods of production, as well as being one of the few selected ateliers of the earth’s rarest treasure; the pink diamond.

Aston Martin has an innate ability to establish fresh creative direction, they are a trendsetter in a highly competitive industry but also remain the brand of choice for royalty and a host of notable celebrities. Aston Martin continues to redefine luxury benchmarks with its effortless power of seduction and status. The relationship between Calleija and Aston Martin is a shared vision for design without compromise which harnesses beauty and innovation in the rarest form.