Sustainable & Ethical

Argyle Pink Diamonds – protecting the Pink Diamond’s heritage.

Each of these unique gems contains stories of an ancient, isolated landscape, where traditional Aboriginal owners have lived in co­‚Äźexistence with the land for tens of thousands of years. As a fleeting visitor in this precious environment, Argyle work in respectful partnership with the local indigenous people of the East Kimberley to protect all sites of cultural significance, to protect local water sources and to rehabilitate the landscape with native plant species that are important to Aboriginal people. On a broader environmental scale, Argyle’s energy efficiency programs are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the mining process. While all mines inevitably leave their mark, Argyle’s endeavor is to leave behind the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Argyle Pink Diamonds making a difference

Argyle’s precious Pink Diamonds are mined in a region of Western Australia that has traditionally suffered significant social and economic disadvantage. Thankfully, they are able to help redress this imbalance through the sharing of our wealth and their expertise. Under a landmark Land Use Agreement signed with local Traditional Owners, income from the Argyle mine is being used to fund community development initiatives for local Aboriginal people, now and for many generations to come. By providing training, employment and business development opportunities -  and supporting local health and education initiatives – Argyle are helping to develop the infrastructure for local communities to generate their own wealth well beyond the life of the mine.

Argyle’s mining operations will help leave behind a much healthier, wealthier and stronger East Kimberley. 

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Be assured of the Argyle diamond’s integrity.

There are many hands involved in the delivery to market of a finished Argyle pink diamond, and the details of this journey are as important to us as they are to you. Argyle, like other diamond producers in Rio Tinto, adheres to strict industry practices to ensure the integrity of its diamonds, from mine to retail. You can therefore be assured that your Argyle Pink Diamond has never been used to fund conflict, and that all companies involved in its production chain employ fair trade practices and meet international environmental standards.

Argyle is the vanguard of reform in the diamond industry.

In keeping with Argyle’s desire to encourage ethical business conduct throughout the jewellery industry, Rio Tinto was a founding member of the Council For Responsible Jewellery Practices, which has recently been renamed the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Concerned with global standards across the entire jewellery supply chain - from mining through manufacturing to the retail showcase - the RJC has developed Principles and a Code of Practices to which all members must adhere. Rio Tinto is fully committed to this vital initiative.

Calleija are proud to be an Argyle Select Atelier as our Pink Diamonds are indeed ethical products, mined with care and sustainably hand created. 

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